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Michelle Pargee- WINNER CONTESSA 2023 British Columbia Hairstylist of The Year

“As an award winning hairdresser and platform artist, Joan Novak understands the hairdressers creative experience in a way that most photographers can’t.

She not only can help guide your journey, but capture exactly what you conceptualized.

She cares, deeply about your success and that makes working with her magical”.


Dana Lyseng- CONTESSA Finalist 2023 Master Colourist of The Year

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“ Shooting my Contessa collection with Joan Novak was an amazing experience.

Her support leading up to the shoot was helpful and informative making sure I got exactly what I wanted.

The day of the shoot she was prepared, enthusiastic, supportive and creative. As she is a hairdresser she had a keen amd experienced eye to help me get my shots exactly how I wanted them. I highly recommend her for any shoots!”



Denise Meikle- CONTESSA 2023 Finalist British Columbia Hairstylist of The Year

GOLDWELL Global Awards Haircutting WINNER  for CANADA 2022

Alix Taylor CONTESSA 2023 Finalist Emerging Hairstylist of The Year

Joan Novak CONTESSA 2023 Finalist Master Colourist of The Year

Michelle Pargee- CONTESSA WINNER 2022 Master Colourist of The Year

This collection "ANTIQUE" won the coveted Contessa Award. Edited by Kale Friesen

2nd Edits- Joan Novak